Challenges in the fruit sector
New varieties and production technologies
Marketing requirements and experiences on different markets
Intelligent solutions for horticulture

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Event description

National Conference: „Fruit Business in the Republic of Moldova” aims to inform Moldavian fruit producers about: innovations and new technological trends, as well as commercial solutions for all elements of the value chain of fresh and processed fruits.

The event is intended for leaders and specialists within the companies from the Moldavian fruit sector, officials and foreign experts.


Sergiu Panuta

Technical and Registration Manager  

ADAMA Moldova

Eleonora Nistor

Senior Project Sales Manager

Advice&Consulting, Italy

Laurentiu Sorin Petrache

Horticultural product Manager BAYER Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova


Ivan Scutaru


BASF, Moldova

Dominik Wozniak



Kurt Halder

Fruit trader

 OGA/OGV Cooperative, Germany

Marco Bertolazzi

Business Development Manager

CIV - Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti, Italy

Ana Maria Pascariu

Category Marketing Manager Romania & Moldova


Natalia Zelenska


Elifab Solutions S.L, Spain

Willem Kalle

Tree management & Fertilisation Consultant

Fruitconsult, Netherlands

Dr. Hrotko Karoly


Szent István University, Hungary

Peter Hilsendegen

Fruit researcher

Sonefruit Breeder and Consultant, DLR research station, Germany

Stefano Foschi

Fruit Researcher and stone fruit Breeder

C.R.P.V., Italy

Piet Shotel

Fruit trader/consultant

CBI, Nederlands

Dr. Thomas Eichert


University of Bonn, Germany

Bruno Marme

General Director

JSC ”KFK”, Russia

Andrea Cavicchioli


Advice&Consulting, Italy

Raf Rutten

Sales & Consulting Manager

Pepiniera Carolus Fruit Trees, Belgium



Welcome speech

Vitalie Gorincioi

Chairman of Moldova Fruct Association


Support for fruit exports from Moldovan Investment Agency

Rodica Verbeniuc

General Director, Moldovan Investment Agency


USAID support to Moldovan fruit growers to overcome COVID-19 challenges

Scott Hocklander 

Director, USAID Moldova


Welcome speech and support from the Ministry for fruit producers

Ion Perju

Minister, Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment Ministry


Analysis and the results of the Moldovan fruit sector in 2020

Dr. Iurie Fală

Executive Director, Moldova Fruct Association


Priority actions to implement the Horticulture Development Program

Viorel Leahu

Vice-director Proiectul APM/USAID


Trends and practices in fruit trade on the European market

Peit Schotel

Consultant/fruit trader, CBI, Netherlands


Cooperation in fruit production. Apple situation in Poland and EU in 2020

Dominik Wozniak

Co-Chairman of Rajpol Sp. z o.o fruit producers’ group, Vice-president of WAPA, Poland


Russian apple business - actual situation and future perspectives

Constantin Shvetz

General Director, Fitomag, Russia


The Russian organic food market and opportunities for fruits from Moldova

Alexander Lysenkov

Director, Agrosovet, Russia


International market requirements regarding maximum residue levels (MRL)

Andrei Cumpanici

Consultant APM/USAID


Moldovan plums for German market, lesson learned and future plans

Kurt Halder

Fruit trader, OGA/OGV Cooperative, Germany


Sharing common problems and the message from exporters

Velicescu Eugenia/Alexandrov Oleg/Ionaș Ion/Ștefan Bîtlan

Fruit exporters, Moldova Fruct Association


Fresh fruit quality and safety standards, issues and solutions

Sergiu Croitoru

Director, SGS Moldova

About Moldova Fruct

With more than 180 members, the Fruit Producers and Exporters Association of Moldova, also known as “Moldova Fruct”, is the largest association dedicated to advancing the horticultural sector in the Republic of Moldova. 

Members of Moldova Fruct are some of the largest, most sophisticated agrobusinesses operating in Moldova today and include processors, growers, exporters, and service providers. The association represents the apple, apricot, cherry, peach, pear, plum, and table grape sectors, as well as food processors.

Moldova Fruct provides a range of services to its members, including advocacy, training and technical assistance, market diversification, and export promotion, including through international trade fairs.

For international buyers, the association serves as a conduit to Moldovan growers and exporters, organizes inward buyer missions, and stands at the ready to provide any assistance required to support the development of mutually beneficial business relationships.


- Year Founded


- Members

20 000

- Hectares of orchards

200 000

- Tons of fruits produced annually


- GlobalG.A.P certified members



Mitropolit Dosoftei street, 102

Chisinau, MD-2012, Republic of Moldova

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